About Us

Learning Strategies is a Consulting Group with a difference. While other consulting companies rely on methodologies and repeatable approaches, we believe that most business problems are unique and that they can be best solved by applying intellect, innovation and inputs from experienced and capable business professionals. We solve complex business problems using the skills and experience of our Executive consultants.

Creative Problem Solving

We use our knowledge and experience to look directly at the problem at hand, and develop creative and unique solutions in each case.

Diversity of Skills

Although a small team, we have a broad range of skills and experience.

Speed of Delivery

We focus on immediate response and fast turnaround while obviously not compromising on quality. We believe in excellent advice given quickly.

Direct Involvement

Our Executive and Senior consultants are directly involved in our projects. We do not sell assignments and then send juniors to do the work, but rather do the work ourselves and provide the advice directly to our clients.


Nothing is hidden, we are completely transparent on our rates, hours and costs and believe that this creates a partnership rather than a service provider relationship with our clients.


Learning Strategies is a Level 2 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.
(Click to download B-BBEE Verification Statement Period 2018/2019).
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We pride ourselves in developing unique solutions for each problem we face.